hey youuuu! we are so excited!

to the beg of memories!


pomona wedding photographer whittier california

First of all, we want to congratulate you! This is a huge milestone in your life and it's a beautiful thing that will happen. We are so excited for you!! Wendy + I are ecstatic and honored to be part of your journey and milestone

We are just one of your vendors at your wedding and we just want to tell you to enjoy your special day to the fullest! We also want to keep you informed, and feeling reassured so we created this little packet for you! It is to help you get the most out of your wedding photography experience and that you get all the photo memories you have dreamed of.

Your wedding images will preserve your day and bring back your memories. We want nothing more than when you look at your wedding images, not only will you relive and reminisce but remember how you felt. so we thank you for trusting us to forever create your memories!

pomona wedding photographer hesperia california

elizabeth + wendy

the team

your 3rd & 4th wheel

let the fun begin!

what did she say?

"Both Lizzie and Wendy are wonderful and extremely professional photographers that made the entire photo shoot a pleasant experience! They were both super sweet, had plenty of suggestions for poses and guided us through our entire shoot. The location was exquisite! The backdrop in our photos was absolutely breathtaking! We cannot thank them enough for just how everything turned out - the location, the poses, the guidance, their professionalism! Our gallery is absolutely beautiful and it will be something we will cherish forever! We both are in love with our pictures. We highly recommend Jimenez Photography for any sessions and will definitely recommend them to friends and family! We cannot wait to work with them again!"

carla + gilbert

pomona maternity photographer

what part of the day is most significant for you?

what's the image that is on top of your list?

are there any important or sentimental moments you would like us to capture?

is there a person(s) that you can designate to help us when we need for group shots?

are there any family dynamics you would like to share with us so we can be aware of? just to avoid any embarrassments lol

how do you feel being in front of the camera?




"we are nervous being in front of the camera"

"i'm worried it'll be awkward having the camera out all the time"

"what if it rains?"

we totally understand this! and trust us when we say don't feel like we just expect you to know what to do in front of the camera lol. we will guide you every step of the way

yes! it could sometimes seem awkward that we'll be there all day snapping away. we try our best to always. be unobtrusively and discreetly. we love to carry our long lense which mean we won't have to be up close and personal and just blend with the crowd.

you'll be enjoying your day! Let's try our best to pop out and get some outside images, if not it is okay! we'll make the best out of indoor space!

what to


a typical wedding day


must have photos!

why have a second photographer?

what if you can't attend our wedding?

have more


By now, we hope you know that Wendy + I are highly invested in what we do and what we love. Our photography work is with both of us and having 2 photographers help ensure the day will run smoothly. It also maximizes the coverage of your day and can provide different perspectives and angles of your day.

Thank God we have been blessed to attend all of our weddings and to be there for our couples. But it is possible one or both cannot attend due to an emergency or illness. In this unlikely event, one of us can still be able to attend and do it solo or depending on the size of the wedding, will ask for another 2nd photographer in our network. If for some reason we BOTH cannot make it, we will try our best to find a photographer that will fit our style to attend. Then the final and absolute worst and last case scenario is we will refund you the money you paid to us.

We can only hope that our work truly reflected your special day and you fell in love with your images! We love to ask our couples if it's alright to showcase some images of their wedding on our website for the benefit of future couple who might be interested in our work.

We will discuss this at our pre-wedding meeting :)

thank you so much!

elizabeth + wendy